16 Oct 2022

Bihar: Houses in Bhagalpur getting swept away in Ganga due to erosion; fearful people stay awake all night

Bhagalpur (Bihar): Houses in Bhagalpur, Bihar are getting washed in the Ganga river due to persevering erosion. Every day many pucca houses are getting washed away in the river. An Anganwadi centre on Saturday disappeared in the river in just 20 seconds. The Anganwadi center built in a pucca house was submerged in water. This case is of Gyanidas Tola of Rangara block. 

17 houses washed away in 2 days: Here in the last two days, the houses of about 17 families were washed away in water. The people there say that more than 250 houses have been washed away in water in these areas. Erosion has been going on here for the last about 5 months. Erosion stopped for a few days in between, but in the last 3 to 4 days, erosion is happening again rapidly.

People stay awake all night due to fear of drowning: Local residents say that the erosion is happening so fast that they do not sleep through the night for fear of drowning. They are afraid they would be swept away while in sleep. Many of them have small children and their life is also in danger. After having an early breakfast in the morning, they leave the house.

Residents destroyed their houses on their own: Residents of numerous Bhagalpur villages destroyed their homes earlier this year in June on their own and fled the region as they observed severe soil erosion along the Kosi river’s banks.

According to a study by a research team, the transboundary Himalayan river basins have significant rates of erosion that are changing the region’s hydrology and increasing its flooding.

Compensation will be given: Rangara block CO Ashish Kumar said that a proposal is ready for compensation to 40 families. This is being forwarded. So that they can get compensation as soon as possible. Apart from this, we are preparing a list of other victim families. Engineers are working to stop the erosion, he added.

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