8 Oct 2022

Bihar: Man-eater tiger of Valmiki Tiger Reserve killed in Bagaha after 26 days


Bagaha (Valmiki Nagar): The tiger, which killed 9 people in Bihar's Bagaha in Valmiki Nagar district, has been killed by shooters. On Saturday, the team surrounded the big cat in a field. 

Tiger had killed 9: Nine people had died in the tiger attacks in Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR). On Friday also, a mother and her son lost their lives in tiger attack. They went to the field despite the warning of the forest department. 

People attacked police team: After the bodies of both were found, people in anger attacked the police team. The policemen had to save their lives by running away.

In the last 3 days, the tiger has taken 4 lives. The tiger was surrounded by the forest department and police team in a sugarcane field in Balua village of Govardhan police station area. The order to kill the tiger were issued only on Friday.

Heavy police force deployed: Heavy police force was deployed in the villages after the order for the encounter of the tiger. The police and forest department had advised the villagers to stay in their homes. 

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