8 Oct 2022

IAF got new branch and uniform on Air Force Day

Chandigarh: The Indian Air Force on Saturday launched a new uniform for its soldiers. The occasion was the 90th Raising Day celebrations of the IAF, which is taking place outside Delhi for the first time at Chandigarh Airbase. 

Air Chief VR Choudhary said that for the first time after independence, a new operational branch is being created for the Air Force. The government has given approval for this.

Two new things happened on Air Force Day. First- IAF has got approval for new operational branch. This fourth branch of the Air Force will save the government an expenditure of Rs. 3400 crores.

Cost of flying training will come down: Air Chief Marshal said that with the creation of the new branch, the cost of flying training will also come down.

This new branch will make preparations from now on for coordination with the Army and Navy. New Weapon System Operators will also join this branch.

Second- The Air Force has got a new uniform. The specialty of this uniform is that it will be comfortable for soldiers in any weather from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Features of the new uniform: The new uniform of the Indian Air Force is similar to the uniform of the army. The theme of the Air Force has also been kept this time as 'Transforming for the Future'

The digital pattern of the uniform is adaptable to all localities. This will keep the soldiers comfortable in moving in places like desert, mountainous land, forest. 

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