16 Oct 2022

Diwali Shopping: Festive Colour In The Market Even Before Diwali, Retail Sales Increased

New Delhi:
Indian consumers are in a festive shopping mood amid fears of global inflation and slowdown. Retail sales figures in September are indicating this. Retail sales in the last month grew by 21% compared to pre-Covid i.e. September 2019. According to the survey report of the Retailers Association of India (RAI), sales have increased by 17% as compared to the previous year.

RAI's Retail Business Survey report states that retail sales in South India in September increased by 23% compared to pre-Covid. On a year-on-year basis also, there was a growth of 15%. Retail sales in West India grew by 17% as compared to pre-Covid and 19% over last year. The report predicts that retail sales will remain strong this month.

Food and Grocery, Quick Service Restaurants saw the highest sales: The Food and Grocery and Quick Service Restaurants sector saw the strongest growth in sales last month. Food and grocery sector sales grew by 56% as compared to 2019. During this period, sales of quick service restaurants increased by 48% and sales of sports goods by 36%.

Apparel and clothing sales grew 25%: Apparel and clothing sales grew by 25%. Retailers of consumer electronics and white goods increased sales by 30% in the same period.

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