16 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Kuno National Park Project Cheetah; Namibian Cheetahs To Stay In Quarantine For 15 Days More

Sheopur: The eight cheetahs brought from Namibia will be kept in quarantine for 15 more days. Seeing their movement, it seems that they have accepted Kuno as their home, but they are not going to be released immediately in the big enclosure.

The quarantine period of the cheetahs was to be completed on October 17. But they will not be shifted to the bigger enclosure yet. The reason for this is that an expert YV Jhala is on leave. Shifting will take place after the consent of the scientists.

Adrian Tordiffe, a wildlife specialist at the University of Pretoria, S Africa, said that all cheetahs are healthy. We will wait for Prof YV Jhala of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) to return from the USA before taking any decision regarding their release in the larger enclosure. Staying quarantine for 15 more days will not affect the cheetahs much.

Scientist in America, shifting will happen only after his arrival: WII scientist YV Jhala has gone to America on leave. According to expert Adrian Tordiffe, the shifting of cheetahs to a larger enclosure in his absence could affect the project. This is because the shifting of cheetahs is very important. 

YV Jhala has been instrumental in the success of this project. The Prime Minister's Office has also been told that the presence of Prof. Jhala is crucial for the success of this project.

On the other hand, government sources say that at present, their health has to be monitored by keeping cheetahs in quarantine for 15 more days. Thereafter, there are plans to release them in a specially designed 600 hectare enclosure. The big enclosure also needs to be fixed before cheetahs can be released into it.

More than 200 spotted deer will be released in the big enclosure: Before releasing the cheetahs, more than 200 spotted deer will be released in the enclosure before the cheetahs are released. All eight cheetahs are doing well and eating well.

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