19 Oct 2022

India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Melbourne Match: Rain Expected, Match Could Be Washed Away

Melbourne: T20 World Cup has started in Australia. The fans around the world are waiting for 23 October. That day the most super-hit match of the tournament would be held. That is, India Vs Pakistan great match. 

Tickets were sold out within 10 minutes: Tickets for this match were sold out within 10 minutes of the start of booking. Many fans from India and Pakistan are going to Australia especially to watch this match, but rain can dash all the hopes of ICC including the fans.

Since 1992, 13 matches have been played between India and Pakistan including ODI and T20 World Cup, but now not a single match has been canceled due to rain.

Heavy rain has been predicted: Heavy rain has been predicted in Melbourne on 23 October. If this happens, then this will be the first time in the history of ODI and T20 World Cup that India-Pakistan match will be washed out due to rain.

1 point each for both teams if match is not played: There is no reserve day for the qualifying stage and Super-12 round in the T20 World Cup. That is, if the match does not happen due to rain or any other reason, then both the teams will get 1 point each. 

However, if the rain disrupts for a while, then the overs in the match can be reduced a bit. For a match to be held, there should be at least such a condition that at least 5 overs each can be bowled in both the innings.

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