15 Oct 2022

Kashipur Firing Case: Gurtaj Singh Bhullar Demands CBI Probe

Kashipur (UP): The UP police has deprived my two small children of the love of their mother and I have lost my wife . to add insult to injury they also filed a case against me. When this is happening to a BJP leader like me, what will the UP Police do with the general public.

Gurtaj Singh Bhullar, the BJP senior deputy chief of Jaspur, said this in a press conference with tearful eyes. He said that I was also a public representative of the government, yet all this happened to me. Bhullar and his father-in-law Jitendra Singh have demanded a CBI inquiry into the death of his wife Gurjit Kaur. 

CBI probe demanded: Gurtaj Singh, husband of the woman who lost her life in a clash between UP Police and villagers in Kashipur, said that my wife was a government employee. What happened to me should not happen to anyone else. There is a BJP government in both the states i.e. UP and Uttarakhand. I demand a CBI inquiry from the government.

Talking to reporters, Gurtaj said that he had returned from Delhi on the day of the incident. Being tired, he went to sleep without meeting his wife.

Meanwhile, the UP police, who arrived in plain uniform, entered his house and created a ruckus. Hearing the noise, he woke up. During this, his wife was murdered by the UP Police personnel.

End cases against me: Bhullar said with tears that the mother of my innocent children is not getting justice while there is a BJP government in Uttarakhand and UP.Bhullar also demanded to end the cases imposed against him by the UP Police.

On the other hand, Surendra Singh Phalodiya, UP state president of All India Sikh Pratinidhi Board has demanded the arrest of police personnel accused of killing Gurjit Kaur. They said that the ashes of the deceased would not be immersed till the arrest of the accused.

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