15 Oct 2022

T-20 World Cup 2022: Qualifying Matches From Oct 16; India, Pakistan Clash A day Before Diwali

Melbourne: The T20 World Cup, the fastest format of cricket, is starting on October 16. Due to the Covid epidemic, this tournament could not be held on time. Last October-November itself, the seventh World Cup was played in the UAE and now the eighth T20 World Cup is being played in a span of a year. This time there are some new rules in this tournament, let's know….

Matches in different cities of Australia: This time Australia is hosting the eighth T20 World Cup. All matches will be played in seven different cities of Australia. All the teams including India have already reached Australia and the practice matches have started.

When is the India-Pakistan match?: In this T20 World Cup, Team India will play its first match on 23 October, a day before Diwali. The special thing is that this match is with archrival Pakistan. Cricket fans are very excited about this.

This is how the whole tournament will be: Starting from October 16, the T20 World Cup will last for about a month. The final of T20 WC will be played on 13 November at Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

In this tournament, the Indian team has already been given a place in the Super-12 round. Whether it be Yuvraj Singh's six sixes, Carlos Brathwaite's last-over heroics, or Shaheen Afridi's new-ball fireworks, T20 World Cups have delivered drama and the 2022 edition is set to outdo them all.

How many teams will be part of the World Cup?: Like last time, this time also 16 teams are participating in the World Cup. The qualifying matches will be played from October 16 to October 21. For the qualifying round, the 8 teams are divided into two groups of 4 each. These are named Group A and Group B. Top 2 teams from both the groups will qualify for the Super-12 round.

Group A Teams

Namibia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates

Group B Teams

Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, Zimbabwe

(Top two teams from each group will qualify for Super-12 round)

Group 1

Afghanistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, Group A winner, Group B runner-up

Group 2

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Group B winner, Group A runner-up

(Both India and Pakistan are in Group 2)

Which new rules are being implemented?: On 20 September 2022, the International Cricket Council (ICC) made changes in many rules of international cricket. All these changes have been implemented in international cricket from 1 October. Which means the T20 World Cup starting from October 16 will also be played with these changed rules.

1- If the batsman comes out of the pitch and plays a shot, then the dead ball will be given.

2- If the bowling team makes any unfair movement, the umpire can impose a penalty.

3- Now before bowling at the non-strike end, the batsman gets out of the crease and if the bowler hits the stump, then it will be considered run out.

4- After the catch out, the new batsman will have to come at the striker's end only.

5- The use of saliva to polish the ball was banned during Covid, now this ban has been imposed forever.

6- If the bowler throws at the striker's end before the delivery, it will be considered as a dead ball.

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