8 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh Will also House Zebra, Giraffe after Cheetahs

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister Dr. Kunwar Vijay Shah has said that after the arrival of cheetahs from Africa, efforts are now being made to bring zebras and giraffes to the Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal before January 26, 2023. Park management has also sent a proposal to Zoo Authority of India . Shah was addressing the closing ceremony of the Wildlife Week at the Van Vihar.

Van Vihar is the only national park in the country, which is in the middle of a capital city. It is situated on the banks of Upper Lake and spreads over an area of ​​445.21 hectares. One and a half to two lakh tourists come here every year. Therefore it is considered suitable for giraffes and zebras.

State to have plastic free National Parks: Shah said that ban on plastic bottles and bags will be executed from January 1, 2023 in all national parks of the Forest Department.

Tiger movement around Bhopal: Dr. Shah said that the Forest Department is continuously monitoring the conservation and protection of cheetahs from Africa. He said that considering the tiger movement around Bhopal, making this area a sanctuary can be considered. For this people's representatives, wildlife lovers and elites should come forward.

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