24 Oct 2022

PM Narendra Modi In Kargil: 'Sweetness Of Diwali Increases When Celebrated Among Jawans'

Kargil: Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali with jawans in Kargil on Monday. On this occasion, he said that Diwali of us civilians… our fireworks are different. Your fireworks are also different and the explosions are also different.

It is not possible to maintain peace without power: Talking to the jawans, PM Modi said that it is not possible to maintain peace without power. India has always considered war as the last resort. Whether the war took place in Lanka or Kurukshetra, efforts were made to avoid it till the last moment. We are in favor of world peace.

Modi has been celebrating Diwali with soldiers every year since becoming the Prime Minister. For the first time in 2014, he celebrated Diwali with soldiers in Siachen. This is the 9th year that Modi has reached among the soldiers on Diwali.

Modi said - coming among you increases the sweetness of Diwali: PM Modi told the soldiers, 'For years, all of you are my family. The sweetness of my Deepawali increases among you, the light of my Deepawali is with you and illuminates my path till the next Diwali. India celebrates its festivals with love. Celebrates by involving the whole world in it.

Meaning of Diwali - Celebration of the end of terror: PM Modi while addressing the jawans said that Diwali means - the celebration of the end of terror. Kargil did the same thing. In Kargil, our army crushed the hood of terror and victory in the country and people still remember Diwali that was celebrated at that time.

We opened up positions for women in the forces: Modi said over the last eight years, the government has worked on implementing reforms in the armed forces by deploying new technologies, developing infrastructure in border areas and opening up positions for women in the forces.

The prime minister said a nation is safe when its borders are secure, economy strong and society full of confidence.

India has been dealing with its enemies, both external and internal, with force, Modi said and recounted the steps taken to 'uproot' the 'terror, naxalism and extremism' from within the country.

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