21 Oct 2022

Punjab Restores Old Pension Scheme; Opposition Dubs It Election Gamble

The Punjab government has restored the old pension scheme for the employees in the state. This was approved in the cabinet meeting on Friday. 

Besides, 6% increase in DA to employees has also been approved. After the cabinet meeting, CM Bhagwant Mann gave this information. Mann termed it as a Diwali gift for the employees.

Mann said lakhs of employees would benefit from this. Those who worked and those who retired. The New Pension Scheme was implemented in the year 2004, but now Punjab is restoring Old Pension Scheme again.

The opposition parties alleged that the decision was taken because of the elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. The government does not have money to pay salaries to the employees. The promise of 1000 rupees every month to women was not fulfilled. Now it's an election gamble.

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