14 Oct 2022

Seven People Buried After A Mountain Rock Fell In Bijasna Village in Rajasthan; Rescue In Progress

Nuh: Seven people were buried after a mountain rock fell in Bijasna village in Rajsthan adjoining Nuh district of Haryana.

A mountain rock fell during mining in Bijasna village, located on the border in Nuh, Haryana, at 11 pm on Thursday. According to officials, 7 laborers have been buried. More than 10 vehicles are also under the rock. It is being told that 2 people have also died in the accident. But, official confirmation has not been made yet.

Bijasna is located in Rajasthan. Rescue work is going on since late night to rescue the people trapped under the rubble. Most of the people are residents of Firozpur Jhirka in Haryana. All of them were engaged in mining work.

When the accident happened, 5 dumpers, 3 popland and 3 other vehicles were parked on the spot. After getting information about the accident, a huge crowd of people gathered at the spot. 

Earlier there was information that the accident took place on the border of Haryana, but later it was found that the mountain on which the rock fell is in the border of Rajasthan. The village Bijasna where the accident took place comes in Rajasthan.

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