10 Oct 2022

Shweta Mehta smokes for first time to do justice to her character in Telugu film 'Ajay Gadu'

Actress Shweta Mehta, who is called the winner of Roadies 15, is in discussion these days about her upcoming Telugu film 'Ajay Gadu'. Shweta is always in the discussion about her strong looks on social media and attracts her fans. 

Despite being a fitness model, Shweta smoked for the first time to bring her character to fame. And for one scene in this film, she smoked at least twenty cigarettes. In 'Ajay Gadu', she will be seen in the lead role opposite the Telugu industry's well-known actor Ajay Kumar Kathurvar

First teaser of this film has come out: The first teaser of this film has come out and seeing Shweta doing the magic of beauty in the teaser, her fans are eagerly waiting for this film. Shweta is seen in a very beautiful and powerful style in the teaser of the film.

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