10 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Tiger seen again in Bhopal's MANIT, area sealed


Bhopal: Tiger reappeared at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) in Bhopal on Monday morning. It was walking near the pond. After this this area was sealed. No one is being allowed to move in about 200 meters of the area. Guards are deployed and keeping watch.

The staff of the Forest Department is also present on the spot. Forest personnel have failed to trap the tiger. New pictures of the big cat have also been seen in trap cameras.

Students angry due to offline clasess: Students are angry with the resumption of offline classes instead of online in MANIT. They said that despite Tiger's movement, the offline classes are going on. This puts them at risk.

Tiger was first seen on Oct 2: Tiger's movement was first seen on the night of 2 October. Tiger was seen by 3 students riding bikes. Since then, teams of 20 officers and employees of the Forest Department are camping in MANIT.

Tiger caught in trap camera two to three times: Within 8 days Tiger was caught in trap camera two to three times, while attacking four cows. Two of these cows died. Tiger's footprints have also been found around the culvert, number eight hostel and the pond. 

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