11 Oct 2022

Traditional Sports Like Gilli-Danda, Pittu Are Being Held In Chhattisgarh Olympics; Women Came To Play Kabaddi Wearing Saris

Raipur: Chhattisgarhia Olympics is going on in Chhattisgarh these days. Popular and traditional games are being played. An interesting and funny video has emerged from these games being organized in village to village. In which some women are seen playing kabaddi wearing saris.

Games will continue for 3 months: 14 traditional and popular sports are being organised under these games lasting for 3 months. These include gilli-danda, kabaddi, pittoo, langdi race, kho-kho, tug of war and bati kancha.

Games started on 6 October: These games started on 6 October. Which will run till 6 January 2023. Under the sports, women and men tournaments are being organised at the block level.

Women playing with enthusiasm: The participating women are so involved in sports as if they are playing in some international tournament. During this, people are also increasing the enthusiasm of women.

Women have also played kabaddi and football wearing saris: This is not the first case of women participating in a tournament wearing a sari. Before this, photo-videos of women playing cricket and football have also come.

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