7 Oct 2022

TV Actress Nupur Alankar at Govardhan in Mathura begging from people after turning a Sadhvi


Mathura: TV actress Nupur Alankar, who has worked in serials like 'Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyan', 'Tantra' and 'Shaktimaan', is in Govardhan in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh these days after she became a Sadhvi and renouced worldly plessures. Away from the glare of light, camera and action, she is making a living by begging from the people.

Recently, the actress has posted videos and some pictures on Instagram in which she is seen wandering barefoot as a Sadhvi. She got 21 rupees and rice in begging. She is saying that this is her one day's earning.

Parikrama of Govardhan: Nupur Alankar is Govardhan for the past one week. She is doing the parikrama on foot. Nupur is associated with the Samved Trust of her guru Shambhu Sharan Jha. She has been contributing to the upliftment of the trust.  

It is said that her mother became ill during the lockdown. Nupur had requested for financial help when the financial condition was not good. People also helped but her mother's life could not be saved. After that she realised that there is nothing in life.

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