9 Oct 2022

Uttar Pradesh: Heavy post-monsoon rains cause widespread damage to crops


Erratic weather has caused widespread damage to crops in Uttar Pradesh. There was deficient rainfall during monsoon season but post-monsoon period saw heavy rainfall leading to crop damage in many villages in Uttar Pradesh. 

30 per cent less rainfall: According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), UP recorded 30 per cent less rainfall this monsoon season. As a result, 53 of the state's 75 districts recorded deficient rainfall, affecting Kharif crops.

Rainwater inundated fields: But 67 of the UP's 75 districts received excess rainfall last week leading to water logging in many towns and cities. However, farmers have been hit the hardest after rainwater inundated fields and destroyed crops and vegetables. Standing paddy, maize, potato crops, millets like bajra, and pulses like urad have been damaged.

Took loans to sow crops: Many farmers in Etawah district said they cultivated crops by taking loans from banks, but there are dozens of such villages which have been ruined due to rain.

Etawah received 81 mm of average rainfall in the first week of October which almost 10 times the long-period average (LPE) of 8.3 mm. Meanwhile, Gonda district recorded 248.6 mm rainfall in the same period against long-period average of 25.3 mm.

CM orders to provide assistance: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked officials to provide immediate assistance to farmers who have been hit by the rain. The state government is conducting damage assessment surveys across UP.

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