27 Oct 2022

Wagle Ki Duniya: Will Rajesh Be Able To Deal With The Latest Turmoil Created Over Dakshesh’s Precious Mirror?

Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya has been a favorite of audience with relatable characters and a slice of life narrative. A contrast from the run of the mill saas bahu dramas, Wagle Ki Duniya broaches issues inspired by situations from the common man’s daily lives making the plot more meaningful.

This week proves to be chaotic for the Wagle family. Earlier in the week, viewers saw how Radhika and a heavy-hearted Srinivas decided to sell their house in Dadar, Mumbai to alleviate their son’s economic burden. 

This is followed by Rajesh’s hard-hitting sixer during a cricket game that ends up breaking a glass. On the other hand, Dakshesh is excited to celebrate his father’s birthday with a special long mirror he used every day. Upon finding out, it was Dakshesh’s precious mirror that was broken due to the cricket match, Rajesh doesn’t know what to do since the birthday is the next day. 

They try to cover up the mistake by making Dakshesh feel that he is mistaken and that the mirror is fine. The show will unfold the family’s craziness over a broken mirror and how they support each other to hide the truth from Dakshesh.

What will happen when Dakshesh comes to know that his father’s precious mirror is broken? 

Speaking about the same, Sumeet Raghavan aka Rajesh Wagle, says “There will be plenty of ups and downs this week and how Rajesh has always supported his family and dear ones. We know how particular things and people hold a sentimental value in our lives and losing or breaking something can be so heart-wrenching. However, viewers will also witness the bond we all share as a family and how we comfort each other in times of need.”

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