5 Nov 2022

Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul: Marjeena Helps Ali Discover Existence Of Magic

Sony SAB's Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul has enthralled its audience with an engaging plot and Ali's life adventure. Very soon, the audience will watch how Ali's discovers his hidden ability of creating magic, as he realizes what he is capable of and embarks on the journey of rewriting the destiny of Kabul.

Recent episodes showed Ali discovering Shifajaan's intentions and breaking his magical device, which possessed kids and made them disappear. In the coming sequence, while everyone is busy looking out for the kids, Marjeena will hear voices. Through these voices, Marjeena understands that it is the emergency code sent by Imad. 

In no time, Marjeena will courageously set out of the house and save all the kids stuck in the dungeon. Meanwhile, the 40 thieves are following Ali in an effort to capture him. After Ali fails to see any other choice, he jumps off the cliff, but wishes he could be with the children. To his surprise, he lands up with his kids, and everyone fails to understand the current situation. 

For the first time, Ali will witness the magic and will be in awe about it. As the upcoming episodes unfold, Ali will try to understand how his wish actually comes true. In order to test if magic really occurs, he will return to the same place and repeat his wish.

Will Ali experience the magic again? Will he realize that he is capable of doing magic?

Sheezan Khan who portrays the role of Ali said, “Initially Ali never thought magic is real, for him it was always haath ki safai. In the upcoming track, one incident will lead Ali to be curious and questionhow did he reach his kids? Does magic really exist? Or if this is not magic then what is it? Ali will return to that same place with Marjeena to discover this power, and she will show him there’s magic around him every time he is there.  I'm sure the audience will enjoy the many exciting things that are coming. I hope my viewers and fans keep showering their love and keep watching Alibaba Dastaan-e-Kabul as they have!"

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