23 Nov 2022

Bharat Jodo Yatra in Madhya Pradesh: Farmers Are Exploited, Youths Are Jobless, Says Rahul Gandhi


Bhopal: Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi has entered Madhya Pradesh.Rahul said I walked 2000 km. This is not a difficult task. A farmer walks 30 to 40 thousand km in his life. He does the real work. What does he need? He does not get seeds, the prices of fertilizers double. He works 24 hours. Gets up at 4 in the morning. He eats half the bread, then when the time comes to sell his crop. People sitting in Delhi drop the MSP.

Small businesses destroyed

Rahul said youth wants employment. Small businessmen provide employment. Small to medium size businesses give maximum employment. The employment is available from the public sector. Now they implemented demonetisation and GST. Small businesses are finished. They broke their spine. Youth cannot get employment in MP. 

Rahul said RSS, BJP have controlled all the institutions

Rahul said RSS, BJP have controlled all the institutions. We thought there was only one way, so we hit the road. We wanted to meet people directly. We listened to them and met the small traders. We had not even thought that so much power, so much love would be seen in Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh.

Atmosphere of hatred, fear created

Addressing the meeting, Rahul Gandhi said - We felt that the people of BJP have created an atmosphere of hatred, fear and violence in India. Be it the voice of the public, the voice of the farmers, the voice of small traders and labourers, we first tried to raise it in the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha. Three black laws came for the farmers. PM did demonetisation. You ask any small businessman, today I was walking with them, all the businesses are ruined. By implementing 5 different GST, tax up to 28% is being charged.

Yatra is nothing short of a crusade

Rahul Gandhi said the Bharat Jodo Yatra is nothing short of a crusade against the hostility, violence and trepidation being spread in the country.
“The peasantry, labourers and youth are distraught owing to the prevalent negative atmosphere. When our Yatra commenced from Kanyakumari, opponents scoffed at the idea and said that such a journey simply cannot be undertaken on foot but we have reached Madhya Pradesh and intend to walk 370 km in this state. Nobody can prevent us from eventually unfurling the Tricolour in Srinagar,” he said after the Yatra crossed the Maharashtra border and entered Burhanpur district.

Gandhi was welcomed onstage by the party’s state head and former chief minister Kamal Nath besides other leaders. The National Flag was ceremoniously handed over.

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