26 Nov 2022

Bisleri: Why Jayanti Chauhan Doesn’t Want To Handle Her Father’s Business

Mumbai: Country's number 1 mineral water company Bisleri is going to be sold. Ramesh Chauhan became the owner of the company in the year 1969, after which the business kept growing at very fast pace. 

No successor to take over the company: Even after this much success, Ramesh Chauhan wants to sell his company, as his daughter Jayanti Chauhan is not very interested in this business. 82-year-old Ramesh Chauhan is preparing to sell his company for Rs 7,000 crore due to poor health and lack of a successor. 

Talks are on with Tata Consumer: Talks are on between Bisleri and Tata Consumer Products regarding the sale of the company. Amidst the news of sale of Bisleri, people want to know about Jayanti Chauhan, the only child of Ramesh Chauhan. People are asking why Jayanti does not want to handle this business?

Will Jayanti do something different?: Even though nothing was said about this from Jayanti's side, but it is being speculated that Jayanti wants to focus on her fashion business. Amidst the news of Bisleri being sold, Jayanti Chauhan wrote on her LinkedIn profile that "Every story has two aspects"

People are praising her: By writing just one line, Jayanti has said a lot. People are giving a lot of reactions on this post of Jayanti. People are praising her. Praising her work in Bisleri. It is being speculated from her post that instead of taking forward her father's business, Jayanti wants to establish her different identity. 

She can start her new life: Jayanti has carried on her father's business for 14 years. She has taken his legacy forward till now and has played an important role in making Bisleri an international brand. 

There are indications from Jayanti's post that soon she may start some new business of her own. Instead of handling Bisleri, she can start her new life.

Spent most of her childhood in Delhi, Mumbai and New York: Jayanti spent most of her childhood in Delhi, Mumbai and New York City. Upon completing high school, she joined the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles to study Product Development. After this she went on to pursue Fashion Styling at the Istituto Marangoni Milano. 

Holds qualifications in Fashion Styling and Photography: She also holds qualifications in Fashion Styling and Photography from London College of Fashion. Jayanti Chauhan has been an intern at various leading fashion houses and also holds a degree in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

Embarked on her Bisleri journey at age of 24: JRC, as she is popularly known, embarked on her Bisleri journey at the age of 24, under the guidance of her father. She took charge of the Delhi office, where she started off at grass root level, and also took up the challenge of renovating the factory and bringing about automation of various processes. 

An avid traveler: Jayanti is an avid traveller, a passionate animal lover and amateur photographer who loves to take her camera along with her to capture the experiences and people.

Can Jayanti start a fashion-related business?: Jayanthi is a fashion designer. She is very interested in fashion. In such a situation, speculations are being made that she can start her own fashion brand or fashion related business.

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