26 Nov 2022

Power Struggle In Rajasthan: How Far Ashok Gehlot Camp Go Against Sachin Pilot


Jaipur: In a political career of 50 years, a new avatar of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is being seen. After the rebellion of the Pilot camp in 2020, he has openly attacked his arch-rival Sachin Pilot for the first time. With this attack, Ashok Gehlot has started a new chapter of political tussle 10 days before Rahul Gandhi's visit to Rajasthan.
Rahul Gandhi will face bitter power struggle in Rajasthan: Politically, as the Bharat Jodo Yatra will next enter Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi will run into the bitter power struggle between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his rival Sachin Pilot, besides facing questions from communities seeking reservation. It remains to be seen how Rahul Gandhi and Congress handle bitter power struggle in Rajasthan and what it will lead to.
Till now Gehlot's supporter MLAs and Ministers were attacking Pilot, now Gehlot himself has targeted Pilot. 

Gehlot openly defended MLAs who defied high command on Sep 25: Gehlot, for the first time openly supported the move of his supporter MLAs to boycott the Legislature Party meeting on September 25. 

Till now Gehlot used to give measured answers on the boycott of the meeting. Now Gehlot has openly defended the MLAs who went against the opinion of the high command and raised questions on the decisions taken after this incident.
It is clear from Gehlot's statement that he does not want any action against his supporter MLAs regarding the September 25 incident. Gehlot justified that incident by terming it as a rebellion against Pilot.
Resignation by Ajay Maken was wrong, hints Gehlot: Gehlot has also hinted that the resignation by Rajasthan in-charge Ajay Maken, who was angry over no action being taken against the leaders who led the rebellion, was wrong.
Now, in the current situation, there is little scope for Maken to remain in-charge of the state. In such a situation, the responsibility of Rajasthan in-charge can be given to another leader.
Point of no return: During the rebellion on September 25, Gehlot himself did not rebel openly but this time Gehlot himself has commanded the attack on Pilot. It is also clear that the differences between the Gehlot and Pilot camps have reached a point of no return.
Resignation became biggest weapon of pressure politics: On September 25, 90 pro-Gehlot MLAs submitted their resignations to Speaker CP Joshi in protest against Pilot. The resignations of pro-Gehlot MLAs are still with Speaker Joshi. It is believed that these resignations are the biggest weapon of pressure politics.
If the pressure on Gehlot increases, then the supporting MLAs can get their resignations accepted. In such a situation, if the dispute increases further, it can culminate in the dissolution of the assembly. It is said that for this reason the high command is not in a mood to make haste regarding Rajasthan.

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