7 Nov 2022

Canada set to employ nearly 15 lakh foreigners in 3 years under new immigration plan

Canada is set to employ 14.5 lakh foreigners in the next three years. Recently, Canada's Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that the country's lack of labor force has caused a lot of damage to the economy. Canada needs more people to overcome this. 

To meet this need, Canada has planned to employ 14.5 lakh immigrants in the country in the next three years under the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25.

Reasons for shortage of labour force 

According to a report by business consulting firm RSM Canada, there are three reasons for the reduction in the labor force in the country - people leaving work due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, the country's declining fertility rate and the aging population.

What is the Canada's New Immigration Levels Plan

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says that Canada's healthcare, agriculture-fisheries and transport sectors are completely dependent on immigrants. There are about 10 lakh job vacancies in these. 

Permanent residency for immigrants

Immigrants coming from abroad to work in Canada will also get permanent residency in the country for their economic contribution. For this, the Canadian government has been running different programs for many years. Entry into the new Immigration Levels plan will also be under these programmes.

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