13 Nov 2022

Conspiracy To Blow Up Udaipur-Ahmedabad Railway Line That Was Opened By PM Modi

Udaipur: The news is from Udaipur in Rajasthan. A conspiracy was hatched up to blow the Udaipur-Ahmedabad railway line by blast. The railway track was found damaged near Oda bridge. Nuts and bolts were found missing from many places. At the same time, the iron plate in the middle of the track has also been found uprooted.

On Saturday night the villagers also heard a mild bang on the bridge. The railway employees reached the spot. Whether this is a conspiracy of miscreants or someone's mischief, it is being investigated. At the same time, due to less traffic of trains, a big accident was averted here. On October 31 last month, PM Narendra Modi had inaugurated this rail line.

A big accident was averted due to the awareness of villagers

About 4 hours before the blast on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad railway line, the train had passed through the track, but due to the awareness of the local villagers, a major accident was averted. The incident occurred at Oda railway bridge in Kevade ki Naal on Salumber road late Saturday night. 

Villagers heard the sound of the blast around 10 pm. After this, some youths immediately reached the track. They saw that there was gunpowder lying on the railway line. The iron railway line was broken at many places. Nut bolts were also missing from the line on the bridge. A thin sheet of iron was also torn off on the track. 

On the information of the villagers, officers and police also reached the spot on Sunday morning. However, the police is engaged in the investigation, expressing the possibility of some big conspiracy behind the case.

Railway line closed

The railway management has stopped the trains running on this line for the time being. The work of repairing the line has been started by the railways. Railway officials have not told anything about when the trains will start back. Udaipur Asarwa train leaves daily at 5 PM from this line. Which reaches Asarwa at 11 pm. Similarly, Asarwa Udaipur leaves every morning at 6.30 am and reaches Udaipur City station at 12.30 pm.

PM opened on 31 October

Udaipur-Ahmedabad train was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October from Asarwa station. 

Udaipur Railway Area Manager Badri Prasad says that the line is being repaired as soon as possible. It is being ascertained who is behind the conspiracy. 

Tree fell on Lalkuan railway line

On the other hand, a big tree fell on the track between Gularbhoj and Lalkuan railway line in Lalkuan, Uttarakhand. Fortunately, the driver of the passenger train coming from Kashipur to Lalkuan, showing understanding, stopped the train by applying emergency brake. A major accident was averted from this. 

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