13 Nov 2022

Will Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik Really Divorce? Mirza Malik Show To Release Amid Such Speculations

Recently there was news about Indian tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik that both have decided to end their relationship. Social media is flooded with the news of their divorce. In the midst of all this, now an update has come out regarding the release of their new show The Mirza Malik Show.

Recently, there have been continuous reports in Pakistani media that everything is not going well between Sania and Shoaib. At the same time, an Instagram post of Sania Mirza gave air to these news. In the post, she had hinted she was heartbreak. 

Sania Shoaib seen together in poster

Sania Mirza has now shared good news with her fans on her Instagram story. She uploaded a poster for ‘The Mirza Malik Show’ on her official social media account and shared it with her followers. In this, Sania and Shoaib are seen together. 

The caption of the post reads: The Mirza Malik Show is about to release soon. Earlier on March 2022, Shoaib had announced The Mirza Malik Show.

Shoaib Malik expressed his excitement about appearing on the show with his wife in the near future. 

Divorce speculations on social media

At the same time, the news of the divorce of Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik is in great discussion on social media these days. Are Sania and Shoaib going to announce divorce? Now this question is arising in everyone's mind. There is a buzz that Sania and Shoaib can announce divorce after resolving the legal issues. Both of them have moved towards ending the relationship of almost 12 years of marriage. However, no official statement has come from either side regarding this yet.

Couple discussing legal issues?

Sania and Shoaib have kept silence on the news of divorce. Neither of them has said anything yet. But one of his close friends says that they are discussing legal issues. After this is resolved, they can declare divorce. 

Both of them also have a son. Both of them will probably handle the responsibility of son Izhaan. Izhaan is about 4 years old. There is a discussion on social media that Shoaib was cheating on Sania. He was dating some other girl. Because of this, the relationship between these two soured. The matter escalated so much that it reached to divorce. Now both of them have reached the verge of ending this relationship of about 12 years.

Got married in 2010

Sania Mirza married Shoaib Malik in the year 2010. The marriage of both was very popular. Shoaib came to India for marriage and got married as per Hyderabadi Muslim custom. After this Walimah was organized in Sialkot, Pakistan. Sania gave birth to their son Izhaan in the year 2018. Shoaib Malik gave this good news to the fans through Twitter. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik know how much truth is there in the news of divorce.

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