30 Nov 2022

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: Battle Of First Phase On 89 Seats, Ten Seats Where Victory And Defeat Will Decide Political Stature

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: The campaigning for the first phase of the Gujarat Assembly elections has ended on Tuesday. Voting will be held on 89 seats in the first phase on Thursday, December 1. The first phase includes 48 seats in Saurashtra, half a dozen seats in Kutch and 35 seats in South Gujarat. There are 788 candidates in the fray for these 89 seats. Their fate will be locked in EVMs on 1 December. 

Many VIP seats are included in the 89 seats in the first phase. Where the ministers and big leaders of the present BJP government are trying their luck in the election battle. But apart from this, Porbandar, Varachha Road, Rajkot East, Khambhalia, Morbi, Kutiyana, Bhavnagar, Gondal, Katargam and Vasanda seats are considered important.

AAP lays siege to Minister Vaghani in Bhavnagar West

Jitu Vaghani, education minister in the Gujarat government, has again entered the election fray from Bhavnagar West seat. They have been continuously occupying this seat since 2012, but this time the Aam Aadmi Party has fielded social worker Raju Solanki to besiege Jitu Vaghani. Raju Solanki is also the new poster boy of AAP. 

In 2017, Vaghani had won the election by a margin of 27185 votes. This time the fight is triangular. Kishore Singh Gohil is in the fray from the Congress side. In such a situation, will AAP, which has made education and health as issues, be able to defeat Jitu Vaghani or will Vaghani reach the assembly again. Everyone's eyes are on this.

Porbandar discussed in every election

Porbandar is the birthplace of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This seat remains in a lot of discussion in every election. Actually the reason for this is the political fight between two big leaders of Gujarat. In the 2017 elections, BJP's Babubhai Bokharia defeated veteran Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia. It was Modhwadia's second consecutive defeat. 

This time again both the leaders are face to face in the electoral battle. The last contest was very close and Babubhai was able to win the election by just 1855 votes. This time all eyes are on whether Arjun Modhwadia will be able to change the result.

Wife of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja in Jamnagar North

In 2017, Dharmendra Singh Jadeja was elected MLA from the BJP on the Jamnagar North seat. But this time the party has fielded the cricketer's wife Rivaba Jadeja by cutting his ticket. Rivaba had joined the BJP during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. After this she also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She is up against Congress candidate Bipendrasinh Jadeja

This seat is in discussion for more family differences than high profile contest. In front of Rivaba, her sister-in-law Naina Jadeja is in Congress and is increasing the difficulties. Rivaba's father-in-law and Ravindra Jadeja's father has also decided to oppose the daughter-in-law. In such a situation, this seat has become important.

AAP CM candidate in fray from Khambhalia

Isudan Gadhvi is the CM face of Aam Aadmi Party in Gujarat. Khambhalia seat is in discussion due to candidacy of Gadhvi. Coming from the OBC class, Isudan was a journalist before joining politics, but he is facing a tough fight in the electoral battle. 

BJP has fielded Mulubhai Bera as its candidate from this seat. The Congress has fielded its sitting MLA Vikram Madam, expressing confidence in it. For the last several decades, only the candidate of Ahir community has won this seat which falls in Dwarka district. In such a situation, will Isudan Gadhvi be able to break caste barriers? 

BJP may be harmed by the Morbi accident

The bridge accident in Morbi before the announcement of assembly elections can harm BJP. Due to this, everyone's eyes are fixed on the result of Morbi assembly seat. 

BJP has fielded former MLA Kantilal Amritiya from here by cutting the ticket of its sitting MLA and Minister Brajesh Merja. In the 2017 elections, Brajesh Merja won on a Congress ticket, but later switched to the BJP. After this the by-election was held in 2020. Merja had won it. He is no longer in the field. In such a situation, will BJP candidate Kantilal Amritiya be able to save the seat for BJP. 

Varachha Road is the bastion of Patidars

The Varachha Road seat is considered a stronghold of the Patidars. This seat is very much discussed. Because AAP has fielded Alpesh Kathiriya, the main face of the Patidar movement here. Former minister and sitting MLA from BJP Kishor Kanani is in the fray. There is a direct fight between the two. 

Alpesh Kathiria belongs to Saurashtra. Alpesh, who joined the Aam Aadmi Party in October, was the No. 2 leader in the Patidar movement after Hardik. It has to be seen whether Alpesh can penetrate Kishor Kanani's fort or will the lotus bloom again?

The battle of supremacy of two Kshatriya families in Gondal

Gondal seat of Rajkot district always remains in headlines due to the war of supremacy between two Kshatriya families. The BJP has fielded sitting MLA Geetaba Jadeja. Geetabai is the wife of former MLA Jairaj Singh Jadeja. On the other hand, Anirudh Singh Jadeja, son of former MLA Mahipat Singh Jadeja, is angry for not getting the ticket. He has announced his support to the Congress candidate. In such a situation, it will not be easy for BJP on this seat.

AAP president in fray from Katargam

Aam Aadmi Party has not only made Gopal Italia, who once worked as constable and clerk, its state president, but has also fielded him from Katargam seat. He is pitted against BJP leader Vinod Moradiya in this seat which has a good number of Patidar voters. Vinod Moradiya is believed to be an influence here. This seat is in discussion due to the face-to-face contest between Vinod Moradiya and Gopal Italia, while the Congress has fielded Kalpesh Baria from this seat. All the three parties have worked hard during the campaign. 

Will Rajyaguru be able to capture Rajkot East again?

Congress leader Indranil Rajyaguru is in the fray on the East seat in Rajkot district. Will they be able to capture again, this question needs an answer but will have to wait. Indranil is contesting from here after making a comeback to Congress from AAP. Last time this seat went to BJP's account and Arvind Raiyani won here. While Indranil won this seat in 2012. This time BJP has fielded Uday Kangad and AAP has fielded Rahul Bhuva from here.

Anant close to Rahul in Vasanda again in the fray

Vasanda seat of Navsari district is reserved for Scheduled Tribes. This seat falls in the Valsad Lok Sabha constituency. At present Congress youth leader Anant Patel is the MLA on this. Tuition teacher-turned-MLA Anant Patel has a challenge to win again this time. Will they be able to win again? Discussions are going on about this. 

At the same time, BJP has fielded Piyush Patel to siege the young leader close to Rahul Gandhi. On the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party has fielded Pankaj Patel. The rallies that Rahul Gandhi did in Gujarat. In that, a rally was organized for Anant Patel in Mahuva. In such a situation, the result of this seat is considered important.

Kutiana - Will Lady Don's son score a hat-trick?

Kandhal Jadeja is the son of Santokben Jadeja, known as Lady Don of Gujarat. Last two times he won on NCP ticket, but this time he is fighting on Samajwadi Party's symbol cycle. Kandhal Jadeja has a good influence in this area, although many criminal cases are also registered against him. 
Dheliben Odedara is in the fray from the BJP. The BJP hopes to reap the benefits of having a woman candidate. Now it remains to be seen whether Kandhal can really stop Jadeja from making a hat-trick.

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