21 Nov 2022

Gujarat Election 2022: When Pilot Sought Mercy For A Chief Minister


Election campaigning is in full swing in Gujarat. Along with trying their luck, everyone is also playing different tricks to win. In the election noise of Gujarat, stories of Gujarat model, Modi model and development model are going on. The history of Gujarat is also being talked about. 

When BJP talks about Modi model and AAP about Kejriwal model, then Congress on social media reminds the old days of Congress rule, what their leaders did in Gujarat.
The Congress described Gujarat leader Balwant Rai as a proponent of Panchayati Raj. Balwant Rai Mehta, the second Chief Minister of Gujarat, was the only CM who was killed at the hands of the enemy country.

Pakistan's fighter plane pilot assassinated Balwant Rai

Former Gujarat Chief Minister Balwant Rai Mehta was assassinated by Pakistan's fighter jet pilot Qais Hussain. This is the incident of 1965. On 19 September 1965, Balwant Rai was returning from a tour of Kutch. His visit was to Tata Chemicals. After the tour, his aircraft American Beechcraft flew towards the India-Pakistan border. In September 1965, war broke out between India and Pakistan. Due to this war, Pakistan's aircraft were also monitoring the border of Kutch.

Pakistani fighter jet targeted Rai's plane

During the war, Pakistani fighter planes were monitoring the India-Pakistan border. As soon as Balwant Rai's plane took off from Mithapur, Pakistan's fighter jets tried to target him during surveillance.
Pakistani jet pilot Kane Hussain surrounded him and started targeting. Meanwhile, Balwant Rai's pilot Jahangir M understood the intentions of the Pakistan pilot. He opened the fans of his American Beechcraft and asked for mercy. During this, Qais Hussain received orders from the Pakistan Army and fired shells at the Chief Minister's plane. The plane fell on the ground turning into a ball of fire. Eight people aboard the plane died.

There were eight people in the plane

Eight people were on board the Beechcraft plane including Balwant Mehta himself, his wife Saroj Ben, three staff members, crew members and a journalist. All of them died in the attack. The news spread like fire across the country that eight people including the Chief Minister of Gujarat were killed in the bombing by Pakistani aircraft. Balwat Rai Mehta was the only Chief Minister of the country who was killed by enemy countries.

Balwant Rai was an MP in the first Parliament

Balwant Rai was a freedom fighter. He was elected as a Member of Parliament in the first Parliament of the country. He became MP from Bhavnagar in 1952. Balwant Rai had suggested the Panchayati Raj system in the country.
Many years after Balwant Rai's death, pilot Qais Hussain apologized through a mail. Hussain had apologized via mail to the daughter of Mehta's pilot Jehangir M.

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