30 Nov 2022

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: Amit Shah Claims “AAP” Will Not Be Able To Open Account; Arvind Kejriwal Claims “AAP” Will Form government

Ahmedabad: Arvind Kejriwal's party "AAP" will not be able to open its account in Gujarat assembly elections 2022. This claim has been made by the country's Home Minister Amit Shah. Shah said in an interview to a news agency that AAP will not get a single seat in the Gujarat elections.

Amit Shah claims – “AAP” will not be able to open the account

Amit Shah made a big claim before the first phase of voting in Gujarat. Shah targeted AAP. He said that all parties have the right to contest elections in a democracy, but the election results tell how much the public accepts that party. 

Shah claims that AAP is nowhere in the hearts and minds of the people of Gujarat. Shah said that in the results of December 8, it is possible that the account of “AAP” party could not be opened. Congress is still the main opposition party in Gujarat.

Kejriwal claims “AAP” will form the government

AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal claimed that his party is going to form the government. This is the reason why BJP is furious. Kejriwal has already claimed that his party will win more than 92 seats. If Kejriwal is to be believed, Congress will not get even a single seat this time. When Kejriwal made this claim, he came in the headlines of media across the country.

Congress attacked Kejriwal

The Congress retaliated on Kejriwal's claim. Congress said that – Congress is getting more seats than Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party. The Congress reiterated that the main opposition party in Gujarat is the Congress and this time the performance of the Congress will be better than before.

Elections made interesting by the presence of AAP

The presence of the Aam Aadmi Party in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections made the elections interesting. The presence of AAP has resulted in a triangular contest in the elections. AAP is giving direct challenge to BJP on many seats. In this, along with the seats of Saurashtra, two seats of Surat are also included.

Results on 8th December

In Gujarat, the first phase of voting is on December 1, while the second phase of voting is on December 5. The results of the elections will come on December 8.

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