19 Nov 2022

Indian Medical Students Returning To Ukraine Despite Increasing Risks

New Delhi: Some of the Indian students who were evacuated by the Indian Government from Ukraine and neighbouring countries after the Russian attack in February have returned to war-torn Ukraine.

Students in their clinical years of medical studies are returning to areas of Ukraine where universities are functioning almost normally such as in Western Ukraine, where infrastructure has until now been relatively unaffected.

Students planning to return despite increasing risks

Recently Ministry of External Affairs issued advisory telling students to leave Ukraine as the war escalated. But more students are planning to return despite the increasing risks. Many of them feel compelled to return for the sake of their future as they could not continue their studies in India. 

Some 20,000 Indian students, most of them studying medicine, were brought home earlier this year to escape dire conditions in besieged cities in the east of the country.

Universities in Uzbekistan are accommodating Indian students 

Medical Universities in Uzbekistan are accommodating about 2,000 Indian medical students who returned to India from the war-torn Ukraine with a hazy future in sight. About 250 students have already been admitted after testing their academic credentials and at the request of the Indian government and Uzbekistan's Medical Higher Educational Institutes (MHEIs) of the Ministry of Health, said Uzbekistan Ambassador to India, Dilshod Akhatov.  

Most students are managing with online classes

The Indian government did not accommodate them in medical colleges here and most students are managing with online classes from their respective universities in Ukraine, while some have transferred to various universities in other countries.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has accepted online classes only for theory but not for practicals or clinical training for students in countries such as Ukraine and China.

Some students who have returned to Ukraine said they would return to India only after completing the medical course.

Best option for us is to move to Ukraine, say students

They said their parents had spent so much money on them. They said they come from middle-class families so the best option for them is to move to Ukraine whatever they have to face.

Some of the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-year students who were studying medicine in Ukraine have returned to Ukraine, while many others are preparing to return. 

Students returning from Ukraine not accommodated in India institutions

Students said they were left with no option to stay in India after the central government told the Indian Supreme Court last month that Indian medical students who had returned from Ukraine could not be accommodated in Indian universities as the National Medical Commission does not allow foreign medical students to be accommodated or transferred to relevant Indian colleges or universities.

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