21 Nov 2022

Indonesia Earthquake: At Least 162 Die , Thousands Of Buildings Damaged

Jakarta (Indonesia): A 5.6-magnitude earthquake rocked Indonesia's java province on Monday, killing at least 162 people. Hundreds of people are injured. Thousands of houses have been damaged.

People came out in panic in the surrounding areas including the capital Jakarta. The buildings have been evacuated.

Earthquake rattled Indonesia's main island Java. "There have been dozens of people killed. Hundreds, even maybe thousands of houses are damaged. So far, 44 people have died," Adam, spokesman for the local administration in Cianjur town in West Java, said.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Cianjur, Java. An official said that 20 people died in one hospital alone. Due to this, apprehension is being expressed that the death toll may increase.

People are also sharing some videos of the earthquake on social media. Broken buildings, debris and damaged cars are visible in these. 

Officials have appealed to people to stay out of their buildings for the time being, as there is a possibility of aftershocks.

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