28 Nov 2022

Karnataka: Mosque like domes on Mysuru bus stop demolished

Mysuru: In Karnataka, Mysuru district administration on Sunday razed two of the three domes on a newly built bus stop and retained the central dome following didpute between Mysuru Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pratap Simha and party MLA SA Ramdas.

Simha had threatened to demolish the structure on the Nanjangud Highway down with a bulldozer. He said the domes on the bus stand were similar to a mosque.

BJP sources here said the design of the bus stand was inspired by the Mysuru Palace and was built by the district administration on the suggestion of MLA Ramdas.

But, some technical fault in the construction led to misunderstanding between the two BJP leaders, according to BJP worker.

Before the issue could snowball, Ramdas decided to pull down the dome and he informed the district authorities to raze the two domes, the sources said.

Expressing satisfaction over the demolition, Pratap Simha tweeted, “If there is a big dome flanked by two smaller domes on either side, it is a mosque. I did what I had said that I will get it removed. Thanks to the Deputy Commissioner who asked for time and kept his word, and to Ramdas who understood the reality and bowed to public opinion.”

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