7 Nov 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Cheetahs made first hunt in Kuno National Park

Sheopur: Cheetahs shifted to India from Namibia hunted for the first time after they were released into a large enclosure in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park two days back. The two cheetahs hunted a chital after about 48 hours of their release in big enclosure. 

The Park management gave this information on Monday and said that both the cheetahs are healthy. They are walking around in the big enclosure. DFO Prakash Verma said that the team of forest department and experts is constantly monitoring them with caller ID, CCTV and trap cameras.
On September 17, 8 cheetahs were brought from Namibia in Africa to the Kuno National Park. They were kept in a small quarantine enclosure. About 50 days later, on Saturday, two male cheetahs were released into a big enclosure.
A meeting of the Cheetah Task Force took place before the two cheetahs were released into the larger enclosure. The cheetahs were released after the consent of the members of the task force. Cheetahs will be able to hunt for themselves.

DFO Verma said that now the cheetah themselves will be able to fill their stomach by hunting their favourite prey animal. The decision to release six other cheetahs will be taken soon by the Cheetah Task Force. Our preparations are complete. Arrangement of prey animals for hunting has been made, Verma said.

Remaining cheetahs will be released soon

The task force had said that it is not appropriate to keep cheetahs in small enclosures for a long time. Now the remaining six will also be released soon.
DFO PK Verma said that two male cheetahs, who are brothers, have been released in the big enclosure, where small animals like deer, chital are available for their prey. 

These cheetahs were also quarantined in Namibia for 30 days before they were brought to India. They were quarantined in India for 50 days. In this way, after 80 days, they will get a chance to hunt in a big enclosure.


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