1 Nov 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Earthquake Tremors Felt In Jabalpur, 5 Other Districts

Jabalpur: Earthquake tremors were felt in 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday morning. Its center was Dindori. Here people got scared when the earth shook at 8:43 am for 50 seconds. Many people came out of their homes due to the tremors. 

The magnitude of the earthquake was measured at 4.3 on the Richter scale. Its hypo center was at 10 km depth. Tremors of the earthquake were felt in Dindori, Jabalpur, Mandla, Anuppur, Balaghat and Umaria districts. 

The tremors of the earthquake were felt most in Jabalpur near Patan and Rani Durgavati Samadhi Sthal. Apart from this, there was a stir at some places in Ranjhi. The epicenter of the earthquake was towards Dindori district, about 30 km from Jabalpur.

Ajay Kumar, who lives in Ranjhi, told that he was sleeping, when suddenly he felt as if the bed was shaking. When I got up and came out, I saw that many people have come out of the houses. The earthquake occurred at around 8.44 am. 

When the earthquake struck, the schools had already started. As soon as the tremors were felt, the school management immediately pulled the children out and took them to the open ground. Jabalpur Collector Dr Ilaiyaraja T said that there was no loss of life.

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