4 Nov 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Nature Trails Prepared For Jungle Safari in Ratapani Sanctuary

Bhopal: Jungle Safari is starting from December 1 in Ratapani Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh. This safari will be very adventurous for the tourists, as it will be the only jungle safari in the country where tourists will also get a chance to walk on the Nature Trail

Jungle Safari is starting with 10 vehicles in two ranges in Ratapani Sanctuary. This includes the Jhiri (Dahod) range and the Delabari range. This jungle safari will be Rs 2000 cheaper than other national parks.

Officials of Ratapani Sanctuary said that tourists will get a chance to walk on the 3 km nature trail during the jungle safari. 

Tracks prepared: At present, jungle safaris will be conducted at two places for tourists. A 40 km track has been prepared in Jhiri. There is a 20 km track in the Delabari range. 

Entry only through safari vehicles: Earlier, tourists could go inside Jhiri Dahod in their vehicles, but now tourists will get entry only through safari vehicles.

No restriction in Bhimbetka: However, no restrictions have been imposed for tourists in Bhimbetka located in Ratapani Sanctuary. Here tourists can go by their vehicles as before. The fees here will also remain the same.

Expenditure only Rs 4100: The safari of Ratapani Sanctuary will be cheaper than safaris in all the national parks of the state. Where the total cost of a safari vehicle in Jungle Safari in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench National Park is around Rs 6100, while in Ratapani it will cost only Rs 4100. This includes guide, vehicle and entry fee.

Vijay Kumar, DFO Obaidullaganj said that Jungle Safari is starting from 1st December in Ratapani Sanctuary. At present, safaris are being started in two ranges. After the track is made of other ranges, safari will start in them too.

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