2 Nov 2022

Twitter to Charge For Blue Check Mark; What Is This Mark And Why Does It Matter?

Twitter will charge users to get verified and display the signature blue check mark next to their account name. Twitter has offered this service to some accounts for free in the past.

On Tuesday, Elon Musk confirmed that he would offer a combination of verification and the company’s paid Twitter Blue service for $8 a month. 

What is verification? Twitter verification is a small blue check mark in a bumpy circle that appears next to a username on the site or app. It indicates Twitter has confirmed an account belongs to the person or company claiming it.

Who gets verified now? The blue icon has developed into a security feature for the site and a defence against wrong information and half truths. Some also see it as some as a status symbol. 

Why does verification matter? Social media sites have struggled with rampant misinformation for years. The issue has been more obvious on Twitter, where breaking news is most likely to unfold in real time, and a fake news story can spread at very fast speed.

How much charge in India is not decided yet: Elon Musk has also clarified that fees will vary from country to country. What will be the cost of blue tick subscription in India is not clear at the moment. Other subscription services are generally more expensive in the US, but they cost less in India. 

Those who pay the charge will get these benefits: Elon Musk said the new subscription would include the ability to have priority in replies, mentions and search results, as well as fewer ads, the ability to share longer video and audio posts, and a way to read paid articles for free.


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