29 Nov 2022

What Does Yukti Kapoor Do During Free Time On Sets Of Maddam Sir To Maintain Her Fitness


Sony SAB’s popular cop show Maddam Sir keeps its audience hooked with the dynamic equation between the characters of Mahila Police Thana, new entries and thrilling cases. The audience enjoys not only the on-screen narrative, but also the off-screen interests that the actors have and share with their viewers on a daily basis.

Yukti Kapoor is popularly known for her stellar performance as SHO Karishma Singh in Sony SAB’s values driven show, Maddam Sir. With an active shooting schedule, it is crucial for artists to maintain their fitness, which helps their overall health.

Yukti mentions that she begins her day by consuming methi water. She then works out beginning with planks for 10 minutes followed by 10-12 minutes of selected yoga postures. Incorporating these habits has really helped her stay fit.

With a busy shooting schedule at Maddam Sir, it becomes difficult for Yukti Kapoor to get into a workout session. However, in a recent conversation, Yukti said, “Fitness plays a very crucial role in my life. Acting requires long hours of non-stop shooting with no clear idea of when one can get free in a day.”

She said further, “During days when I am on set and I am informed that there is some time for the shot to be set up, I make it a point to utilize that time for a relaxing yoga session. There are effective yoga asanas that not only help you relax, but also benefit your body.

Yukti said she also make sure to meditate for 15-20 minutes on set, which helps her to regain her calm and inner peace. “During long shooting days, this free time allows me to recharge my body and continue positively for the rest of the day," she adds.

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