21 Dec 2022

Agriculture Success Story: This Farmer Of UP Has Experimented And Adopted New Farming Techniques; People Come From Far Away To Learn The Tricks And Innovations Of Farming

Barabanki: Today farmers from all over the country go to an ordinary farmer living in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. These farmers learn the tricks of how to earn more profit from their crops. Ramsharan Verma, a farmer who once could not complete his schooling due to poverty, now cultivates 150 acres. Let us know what kind of experiments Ram Sharan Verma does.

How he achieved success

Ramsharan Verma never had money for studies. He has studied only till high school. Verma worked so hard on his ancestral land that now his name is cited as an example in the country. He sets an example for the farmers. Ram Sharan had 6 acres of ancestral land. 

The more Ramsharan Verma experimented with crops on that land, the more hard work he put in, the faster the crop grew and the income started multiplying day and night. Now agricultural scientists and farmers from all over the country come to Ram Sharan to seek advice.

Innovations in farming

Ram Sharan Verma uses crop rotation in his field. Crop rotation means that one crop is planted once in a season and another crop is planted in it the next time. If Ram Sharan plants potatoes in his field, then after planting potatoes for 14 months, another crop is sown for at least 90 days. 

Ram Sharan Verma has done many experiments in farming. Through these experiments, Ramsharan Verma has increased the yield of potato and tomato by three times. Also, all these techniques require minimum water. The technique used by Ramsharan for potatoes is named 56 inch. 

Due to this technology, the production of potato increases by 40 percent and the water requirement decreases by 30 percent. Similarly, tomato is grown by skating method. Due to this the production of tomato jumped from 200 quintals to 400-500 quintals.

Crop grown using new farm technology  is unaffected by errant weather

It is generally seen that the Indian farmer's crop gets spoiled due to the errant weather, but if we talk about Ram Sharan Verma, the farmer of Barabanki, he cultivates potatoes using the new techniques and the crop is not affected by errant weather. 

Ram Sharan Verma benefited a lot by using these new experiments. He produced up to 250-300 quintals of potato on one acre. 

Verma made potato pads 

In this new experiment, while cultivating potatoes, Ram Sharan Verma made potato pads slightly above the ground and also prepared drains around them to drain water, this is the reason that his potato cultivation was not damaged by water. The Uttar Pradesh government also appreciated this new experiment.

Experts come to take advice

Many agricultural scientists also come to seek farming advice from Ram Sharan Verma. He has associated around 50,000 farmers from the surrounding areas with him. He has received Padma Shri from former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Apart from this, Ram Sharan Verma has many small and big awards to his credit but all are small in front of his farming experiments. Ram Sharan Verma is known as Hi-Tech farmer. Today his income is at least three to four lakhs.

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