21 Dec 2022

Elon Musk Resigns As Twiter CEO, What Are His Future Plans

San Francisco:
Billionaire businessman Elon Musk has announced that soon he will resign from the post of Twitter CEO. He has tweeted that as soon as he finds a foolish to do this job, he will resign.

Actually, Musk has taken this decision after a recently conducted Twitter poll. He had done a Twitter poll asking people whether he should resign from the post of CEO of the company. In this poll, 57.5 percent people have voted in favor of Musk's resignation. He had said he would abide by the results of this poll.

More than 1.75 crore people had voted

Elon Musk conducted this Twitter poll on December 19. 17,502,391 people voted on this poll, in which 57.5 percent of the people were in favor of Musk's resignation, while 42.5 percent said that he should remain as Twitter CEO.

Musk's future plans

Along with announcing his resignation, Elon Musk has also disclosed about his future plans. He has said that as soon as he finds someone to take over as CEO, he will resign and will only look after the software and server team in the company. Musk also expressed his intention to set up a board in Twitter. He expressed the hope that after this he would have to spend less time on this micro-blogging site.

Musk wasn't able to devote time to Tesla

Earlier on November 17, Musk had said that after buying Twitter, he had to devote a lot of his time to making major changes in the company. Due to involvement in this, Musk could give less time to his old company Tesla. Due to giving more time to Twitter, the concern of Tesla investors had increased. 

 Indeed, Tesla investors have become quite confused after Musk's increased attention to Twitter. Therefore, to address the concerns of investors, Musk is looking for a new leader for this social media platform.

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