27 Dec 2022

Bharat Jodo Yatra: Why 'T-shirt' Is Trending On Social Media, What Rahul Gandhi Has To Say

New Delhi: The temperature in Delhi was around seven degree Celsius on Monday morning. In this bitter cold, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrived at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi and former Prime Ministers wearing a T-shirt to pay tribute during his Bharat Jodo Yatra. 

Rahul's Bharat Jodo Yatra reached the national capital on Saturday, where the temperature has steadily dropped over the past two days. In fact, Delhi recorded the season’s lowest temperature on Friday.

Since then the word 'T-shirt' is trending on social media. Rahul Gandhi not only appeared in a T-shirt, but he was making parikrama of the samadhi barefoot without socks.

Some of the people present around him were wearing coats, while some were wearing caps.

Rahul Gandhi wearing a T-shirt in the bitter cold, such pictures are coming out for the last several days.

In the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi has been walking in a white T-shirt for several days, while the leaders and actors walking with him are wearing winter clothes.

Twitteratis have given different reactions to Rahul Gandhi wearing T-shirt in Delhi's bitter cold. So many reactions have come that the word 'T-shirt' is trending on social media. 

Have a look at some of the reactions

Twitter handle Tasneem Poonawala Official tweeted: Many are commenting about #RahulGandhi ji in this cold in just a t-shirt. This is the power of mental, physical, emotional & spiritual fitness. Our body becomes indifferent to extreme cold due to meditation & fitness (images of monks in snow clad mountains wearing very little)

'The Frustrated Indian' Twitter handle tweeted: Make Rahul PM because he can brave Delhi winters in a half sleeves T-shirt.

Abhishek Sanghvi wrote, Wearing pant-t-shirt in 7 degrees is not a joke.

Sharing a picture of Rahul Gandhi, user 'RJ Speaks' wrote: In that severe bitter harsh Delhi cold RG is wearing nothing under that t-shirt.

A user named Divya Sinha wrote that: Rahul Gandhi should be made India's fitness icon by ousting Bollywood's Hrithik Roshan, Vidyut Jammwal and Tiger Shroff. Rahul Gandhi is so comfortable even in 6 degree Celsius temperature.

Five days ago Bhavika Kapoor tweeted that: Rahul Gandhi is a super human made of steel it seems. Apart from walking 2600+km in 100+ days he is walking in 5°-6° temperature in half sleeves t-shirt. super fit.

Comparing Rahul Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi, Vandita Mishra wrote: Rahul has defied the weather. The khadi dhoti wrapped around Gandhi's knees and a sheet used to surprise everyone in the bitter cold. Today we Rahul Seeing Gandhi in a white T-shirt and a trouser, one can understand that his patriotism and concerns are no less than Gandhi's.

Rahul's reply

Rahul Gandhi finally answered why he has been walking in a T-shirt in chilly winter. He said the media kept asking him if he felt cold but never asked the same question to a farmer, a labourer, or even poor children.

“They (journalists) keep asking me how I do not feel cold,” he said, adding, “but they do not ask the farmer, the worker, poor children, this question." He also talked about those who could not afford essentials such as warm clothes.

“I have walked 2,800 km, but I believe that is not a big deal. Farmers walk so much every day; as do farm labourers, factory workers – all of India, in fact,” he said, while addressing a gathering near the Red Fort.

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