21 Dec 2022

China Covid Crisis: Virus Could Infect 80 Crore; Funerals Being Held 24 Hours A Day

Beijing: In China, 80 crore people may get infected with corona in the next few months. Airfinity, a London-based global health intelligence company, said that there could be 21 lakh deaths after the end of the zero covid policy in China. Airfinity attributed this to low vaccination and lack of antibodies among people in China.

China's domestic vaccines have low efficacy

"Mainland China has very low levels of immunity across its population. Its citizens were vaccinated with domestically produced jabs Sinovac and Sinopharm which have been proven to have significantly lower efficacy and provide less protection against infection and death," according to analysis by Airfinity.

China would need hybrid immunity

Airfinity's Head of Vaccines and Epidemiology Dr Louise Blair said it is essential for China to ramp up vaccinations to raise immunity in order to lift its zero-Covid policy, especially given how large its elderly population is. "Subsequently, China would need hybrid immunity to allow the country to brace future waves with minimal impact. It has proven effective in other countries and regions," he said.

Patients begging in front of doctors for treatment

The situation of infection in China is reminiscent of 2020. All the beds in the hospitals are full. Medicines are running out in medical stores. Patients can be seen begging in front of the doctors for treatment. When the children are having fever, the mothers are trying to bring them down with potatoes.

Funerals are being held 24 hours a day 

Funerals are being held 24 hours a day in Beijing's largest crematorium. Mass funerals have started and their pictures are also coming. However, the official figures of deaths from Corona are being told only 5-10 daily. Experts claim that the actual figure is much higher.

Most dangerous mutation of Omicron

A new variant BA. i.e. BF.7 has also been found. According to experts, this is the most dangerous mutation of Omicron. One patient is infecting 18 people.

Amid a sudden spurt in Covid-19 cases in Japan, South Korea, Brazil, China and the US, sources told that Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will hold a meeting with senior officials and experts on the Covid-19 situation in India.

35 lakh corona cases reported globally in 7 days

According to the data of, 34 lakh 84 thousand cases of corona have been reported in the world in a week. At the same time 9 thousand 928 people have died. 15 thousand 548 cases and 7 deaths have been reported in China in 7 days. However, experts suspect that the true figure is being hidden. The number of patients can be many times more.

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