21 Dec 2022

Imran Khan Says Audio Clips Of His Alleged Sex Talks With A Woman Part Of A Conspiracy Against Him

Islamabad: The audio clip of the alleged sex talk between former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and a woman, has gone viral on social media.

The audio clips were shared on YouTube by Pakistani scribe Syed Ali Haider in the name of Imran Khan leading to a political uproar in Pakistan.

The audio was reportedly leaked from the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. But the authenticity of the audio has not been confirmed. Some Pak media persons claimed that the voice in the audio is that of Imran Khan.

A man purported to be Imran can be heard talking in lewd language. He tried to compel the woman to meet him in a conversation that is being circulated as Imran Khan's. But the woman is unwilling and says that she is in pain. 

The two then talk about meeting in person the next day. 

A male voice says he will tell about the meeting later as his family and children are coming. The man is head saying that he will try to get their visit delayed and will let her know tomorrow.

Present govt, army chiefs trying to defane me: Khan 

However, Imran Khan said that the released audio clip was part of a conspiracy against him. He claimed the present coalition government and army chiefs were behind this.

Imran Khan's party Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) denied the incident. They said the audio clips were fake. 

PTI said that the conversation was created using software. In support of their claim, they presented a video of the software changing the voice. Party leader Arslan Khalid said that political opponents could not do anything against the PTI chairman other than creating fake videos and audios.

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