20 Dec 2022

China Witnessing Massive Surge In Covid Cases, Is India Also At Risk

New Delhi: China is witnessing massive surge in Covid cases. Is India also at risk? On this question, experts say that the risk is much low in a country like India. Because, there have been 3 rounds of vaccination in our country. Immunity has been developed in people. Corona is everywhere in India too, but it is not affecting us now because of our immunity. 

India has battled three Covid-19 waves so far. The second was propelled by the Delta variant last year and it turned out to be the worst. But now India is in a comfortable position as the number of active cases stands at 3,559 as on December 20.

Most of Indians have hybrid immunity

Besides, the differences between India and China are that most of Indians have hybrid immunity even though our precautionary or booster dose rate is low. Hybrid immunity is the immunity provided by a combination of infection and vaccination. It provides better protection against subsequent Covid-19 than either vaccination or infection alone

Besides, our rate of contact with others is not likely to change because we have not had travel restrictions for a while.

Variants spreading infection in China are already in India

China currently has a few highly transmissible variants of Omicron spreading across the country, including one called BF.7. But experts say India needn't worry much about these variants as these strains have already been present here for months. The presence of these strains has been confirmed in India's SARS CoV 2 genomic surveillance programme.

Population immunity much higher in India

According to Dr Anurag Agrawal, Dean, BioSciences and Health Research, Trivedi School of Biosciences at the Ashoka University, population immunity is much higher in India.

He said, "Our research suggests that most people have already been infected with Omicron, with a large number of them having had both Delta and Omicron infections."

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