24 Dec 2022

Coronavirus Precautions: Centre Tells States To Keep Oxygen Plants Fully functional And Hold Regular Mock Drills

New Delhi: India has sprung to action following the reports of the recent Covid-19 wave that has overwhelmed China. The Omicron sub-variant BF.7 driving the China surge — has been detected four times in India in the last three months. In the midst of increasing corona infection in the country, the Central Government has asked the States and Union Territories to ensure the adequate supply of medical oxygen. A letter has also been written by the Health Ministry regarding this.
It has been said in the letter of the Centre that the pace of corona infection in the country is very slow and the situation is under control. Despite this, we should be prepared in advance for the coming challenge. The Center has asked the state governments to ensure regular and functional medical oxygen supply in all hospitals. The Health Ministry has said that oxygen plants should be kept fully functional and regular mock drills should also be conducted to check them.

Oxygen control room should be activated

In the instructions issued by the Central Government, it has been said that the oxygen control room should be reactivated at the state level and the issues and challenges related to oxygen should be resolved quickly. Apart from this, instructions have also been issued to monitor the daily oxygen demand and consumption.

Repair the life support systems

The Center has said that to meet the upcoming challenge, all the state governments should improve the system of life support systems like ventilators in hospitals. Apart from this, it has also been asked to arrange backup storage for oxygen cylinders and their refilling.

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