19 Dec 2022

Film Pathan Controversy: Muslims Also Oppose, What RTI Activist Said About Song Besharam Rang In Complaint To NHRC

New Delhi: Now members of Muslim community are also protesting about film Pathan's song Besharam Rang. RTI activist Danish Khan has lodged a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). 

He said that what people are calling saffron color is actually Chishti color and it has a lot of significance in Muslim society. Danish has demanded the removal of the song from the film.

On the other hand BSP member Danish Ali said in Lok Sabha that colour should not be linked to religion.

Ulema Board expresses displeasure

Andhra Pradesh's Ulema Board has now expressed displeasure over the same. The board demanded that the movie should not be allowed to release in theatres. The board's chief said 'Pathans' were a highly respected community and the movie disrespects Islam. The board has called for a boycott and its chief Syed Anas Ali said the film should not be released as it is obscene.

Hurts sentiments of both Hindus and Muslims

Danish Khan wrote in his complaint to NHRC – What people are calling saffron is actually Chishti color and this color has a lot of meaning for Muslims. This song hurts the sentiments of both Hindus and Muslims, so we demand that this song be removed from the film.

Colour should not be linked to religion: Danish Ali

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Lok Sabha member Danish Ali on Monday expressed concern over the attempt of some people to divide religion in the name of colour, saying that Sanatan and Muslim religions are not so weak that they get into trouble due to colour. .

Shri Ali said during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha that some people are trying to divide religion in the name of colour. People in the ruling party are demanding a ban on the song Besharam Rang from the movie Pathan starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. He demanded that the film which gets permission to be screened from the Central Board of Film Certification, no controversy should be raised over it and it should be presented before the audience.

He said that it is not right to link color with religion. Muslimsd are also demanding to ban this film. Such statements and demands are not justified. The government should pay attention to this.

Shah Rukh Hosts 'Ask SRK' Session, Takes Questions on 'Pathan'

Shah Rukh Khan on Saturday said he is in the business of entertainment and not predictions as he fielded queries about the success of his controversy-plagued movie "Pathan", amid calls for its boycott from Hindu outfits.

The actor hosted a Twitter session, where he answered questions related to "Pathaan", but didn't address the controversy over the film's song "Besharam Rang".

Cong Questions MP Home Minister's Statement

MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra, who had earlier called for a complete ban of Pathaan unless Deepika's attire is changed, now said filmmakers are welcome in MP for shooting. MP was friendly and would continue to be so, he added.

However, Congress leader Jitu Patwari questioned the intention of this statement. He asked why the Home Minister and others were objecting to the film Pathan when the Censor Board, which has been appointed by PM Modi, had cleared the movie.

How the dispute started

The song Besharam Rang from the movie Pathan has been released recently. Deepika Padukone is wearing a saffron colored bikini in this song. In such a situation, this song is being opposed in many parts of the country. Some people are demanding to ban this film and some songs.

Opponents say that saffron color is a symbol of Hinduism and Deepika is wearing this color and dancing on a song with lyrics of Besharam, which is quite objectionable. They believe that using a holy color like saffron for bikini will not be accepted.

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