19 Dec 2022

Karnataka: Will Halal Meat Be Banned In State; Bill Could Be Introduced In House

Bengaluru: Amidst the hijab controversy in Karnataka, the government is now preparing to bring a bill against Halal meat in the state. 

Its proposal has been prepared. The Basavaraj Bommai government is likely to introduce it in the House during the current assembly session. At the same time, the opposition has accused the BJP government of the state of playing the Hindutva card before the elections.

BJP MLA N Ravikumar has demanded FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) to ban things other than certified food items. Since the political atmosphere in the state is already hot regarding the hijab ban, now the opposition has got a new issue on the halal meat ban.

“The Halal certification, which was earlier restricted to meat, has now been extended various products like cosmetic goods, food items, among other things,” Ravikumar said.

Who gave Muslim organisations permission to certify halal products

“The FSSAI is the government agency which gives the certification. But who gave these Muslim organisations the permission to certify halal products? They are not a certified authority to do this. They charge lakhs of rupees to give halal certification. Where does this money go?” he asked.

Ravikumar added that the Bill he moves in the legislature will seek amendments to the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. This way, the government can take action against the illegal certification, he added.

There is no legal authority in India, unlike in Arab countries, to provide ‘Halal’ certification. It has to be acquired voluntarily by businesses. Some private bodies comprising Muslim clerics, as well as some religious groups, provide certificates.

BJP demand linked to assembly elections

This demand of BJP is being linked to the assembly elections to be held in May next year. There is only about 6 months left in the election. In such a situation, there is expected to be a heated debate in the House regarding the issue between the government and the opposition.

It is being told that Ravikumar had prepared to present a private bill regarding Halal Meat Ban. In this regard, he had also written a letter to Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot. However, he now wants to present it as a bill inside the House. 

According to media reports, Chief Minister Bommai and all the BJP MLAs have given their consent on this. In this matter, he can have a meeting with his ministers and leaders.

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