20 Dec 2022

Agriculture Success Story: Automobile Engineer Quit Job, Returned To Farming, Became Country Richest Farmer

Nagpur: India is an agricultural country. With the passage of time people left the ancestral profession of agriculture and started doing jobs. A time came when most of the youth of the country started becoming engineers. Some of them left engineering and after leaving engineering they are counted among the richest farmers of the country. We are talking about Pramod Gautam. Let's tell the success story of Pramod Gautam, how he became a farmer with a turnover of crores

Pramod was an automobile engineer

Pramod Gautam is a resident of Nagpur. He lives in a village near Nagpur and his father is a farmer. It is said that Indian agriculture depends on the monsoon. That's why farmers never used to think about things like profit in farming. This was the reason why farmers prefer their children to become engineers and get government jobs instead of continuing as farmers. This was the reason why Pramod Gautam, despite being the son of a farmer, became an automobile engineering. But even after many efforts, Pramod did not fine engineering interesting, then he left the job in 2006. After leaving the job, Pramod turned to the village. In the village, Pramod started the ancestral work of farming.

Suffered huge loss

Pramod faced many obstacles in the work of farming. Firstly, Pramod could not find laborers to work in the field. Pramod planted the first crop of turmeric and groundnut, in which there was a huge loss. After that Pramod could understand that there would be loss in traditional farming.
At that time the family and the people of the village chided Pramod for leaving the job. Pramod did not lose courage even after this.

Pramod did many experiments in farming

Once there was a loss in farming, Pramod realized that traditional farming could not benefit him. Pramod then left traditional farming and turned towards horticulture. Pramod started planting fruits and vegetables. He then started planting fruits like mango, guava and orange in the field. Due to this Pramod did not have to do much maintenance and he started working better with less labourers. After this, in 2007-08, Pramod benefited a lot from fruit cultivation.

Pramod started pulses mill

Along with planting fruits in agriculture, Pramod also planted pulses. Other farmers and Pramod had to travel long distances to sell the pulses. In such a situation, the profit of the farmers was less. Because of this, Pramod decided to set up a pulses mill. Along with fruits, Pramod planted pulses and also opened a pulses mill. The opening of pulses mill also benefited the farmers of the surrounding areas. Pramod would process and give their pulses and ask the farmers to sell them in the market. Farmers also started getting profit from this. Pramod says that something different from traditional farming has to be done and farming cannot be done on the basis of theory which is taught in books, for this it has to be practical.

Among country's richest farmer with annual turnover of two crores

Now Pramod earns about one crore from the fruits on his farm. Apart from this, Pramod also gets a profit of about one crore from the pulses mill. In such a situation, now the turnover of Pramod is two crores. Pramod's hard work is an example for those farmers who want to earn maximum profit from their farming.

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