20 Dec 2022

Agriculture News: Did Not Even had Land, Today Earns Fifty Lakhs From Farming

Ranchi: Who does not like to do the job of Chartered Accountant after studying commerce? But due to the behavior of his daughter, a young man from Ranchi decided to take up farming. Now the youth earn fifty lakh rupees a year from farming. Let's tell you how his little daughter made this youth decide to change the course of his life.

Was inspired to do farming by his 3-year-old daughter

Rajeev Bittu was a CA by profession. After studying CA, he used to earn forty thousand every month. At that time Bittu was living in Ranchi. Bittu married in 2009 and moved to the village in 2013 with his three-year-old daughter. His daughter felt very comfortable in a small village in Bihar. She used to play and talk with everyone but she did not play with any farmer. The reason for this was the soil on the farmer's clothes. To correct this thinking of his daughter, Rajeev Bittu decided to do farming.

Rajeev got help from people

After deciding to do farming, Rajeev took help from many people. Rajiv went to Agriculture University and met many professors there. Apart from this, Rajeev also talked to the farmers of the surrounding villages about the crop and understood how farming is done.

Rajeev took land on lease for farming

Rajeev took the land on lease for farming. Rajeev took 10 acres of land on lease from a farmer about 30 kilometers from Ranchi city. At the time of taking the land on lease, there was a condition that 33 percent of the profit would have to be given to the farmer. Rajeev first grew muskmelon and watermelon and spent about two and a half lakh rupees on this crop. Rajeev got a profit of 7-8 lakhs in this crop. Rajeev's crop was sold for Rs. 19 lakh. After that Rajeev did not look back. Now he does new experiments in farming every day and the results are better every time

Now earns a profit of fifty lakhs every year

Now Rajeev Bittu earns lakhs of rupees every year from his farming. As of 2016, Rajeev earns Rs 40-45 lakh from farming. Now Rajeev’s target is turnover of one crore.

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