20 Dec 2022

Weather News: Dense Fog Blankets Delhi-NCR, Road And Rail Traffic Movement Also Hit, Asthma Patients

New Delhi:
Along with the cold, the effect of fog is visible in Delhi. Light fog remained in many areas of Delhi-NCR on Tuesday morning as well. Earlier, for the first time on Monday morning, the dense fog of the season had blanketed the city. The situation was such that the visibility in the capital was reduced to 150 metres. 

Along with this, a continuous decrease in temperature is also being recorded. The cold has slowly started chilling people. However, the sunshine in the day is still giving some relief to the people. The season's first dense fog in Delhi and neighboring areas has also affected road and rail traffic movement.

Fog may result in cancellation and diversion of trains and flights

The India meteorological department said the Indo-Gangetic plains are expected to witness "dense to very dense" fog over the next five days, which may result in cancellation and diversion of trains and flights.

A railway official said around 20 trains were delayed by 15 minutes to 2 hours in the morning.

"Fog affecting train movement today. We have taken precautionary measures. Speed restrictions are put in place in such conditions. Safety is our priority. Passengers are informed about schedules through announcements and other means," a northern railway spokesperson said.

However, an airport official said flight operations were not affected as low visibility procedures were in place for around four hours starting at midnight.

Asthma patients may have trouble

The Meteorological Department said that prolonged exposure to smog can cause breathing problems for people suffering from asthma. It can also cause eye irritation or infection. The Meteorological Department has advised that passengers should keep essential items like water and medicines with them during long journeys. 

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