6 Dec 2022

Gujarat Exit Poll 2022: Will Arvind Kejriwal's Prediction Prove Wrong!

Ahmedabad: The exit polls of Gujarat elections are out. The BJP is in a position to form the government for the seventh time in Gujarat. All exit polls have shown BJP forming the government in Gujarat. Exit polls are giving BJP between 110-150 seats in Gujarat. According to the poll, the Congress will be at number 2 and Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party will be at number tjree. In such a situation, if the exit poll results are correct then what will happen to Kejriwal's prediction?

When and what did Kejriwal predict

Kejriwal gave several interviews to TV channels during the Gujarat elections. In most of these, Kejriwal made big predictions about AAP and Congress. Kejriwal said that Congress will get 5 seats in Gujarat and as the election progressed, Kejriwal claimed that Congress will get zero seats. Kejriwal said that AAP is forming the government in Gujarat. Kejriwal and his cabinet colleague Manish Sisodia even went so far as to say that the BJP is losing in Gujarat. AAP made Kejriwal's predictions viral on social media by tweeting them.

Kejriwal will be proved wrong

If the exit poll results are correct then Kejriwal's claims are proved to be false. “Aam Aadmi Party” is looking forward to get the status of National Party. Kejriwal now wants to make his party a national party. After forming the government in Punjab and winning two seats in Goa, the Aam Aadmi Party has moved in the direction of the National Party. If “Aam Aadmi Party” gets the status of National Party, then AAP will have Chief Ministers in two states and AAP will continue to loom as a political threat to Congress.

AAP is a threat to Congress

The AAP party is seeing itself as an alternative to the Congress. Even if “AAP” gets the status of a national party or not, it is a threat to the Congress. On one hand, BJP talks about Congress-mukt Bharat and AAP directly harms Congress in elections. In such a situation, the path of Congress will not be easy. Usually, in elections, AAP remains a vote-cutting party and harms Congress. 

Congress will have to work very hard on the political pitch to survive. Country's oldest party Congress has chief ministers in two states, while AAP, which was formed ten years ago from the Anna movement, also has chief ministers in two states. In such a situation, the challenge of Congress increases further.

The road is not easy for AAP

Even though “AAP” praises the work of its government, Kejriwal model schools and hospitals, but still the path is not easy for you.

AAP leaders are constantly on the target of investigative agencies for one reason or the other. AAP's Satyanendra Jain is in jail in a money laundering case. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has serious allegations regarding the liquor scam. In such a situation, the path will not be easy for AAP making itself an alternative to Congress.

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