14 Dec 2022

Gwalior Boy Rishi Saxena's New Song 'Hum Dum' Taking Internet By Storm

Born and brought up in Gwalior City, the local Rishi Saxena has become an actor and now a singer. Rishi’s new song Hum Dum was recently released online and getting a huge response from the audience. 

Hum Dum is a soulful romantic song sung by Rishi himself in his own voice. Originally hailed from Gwalior, young and talented Rishi Saxena, completed his education in Electronics Engineering and moved to Mumbai to try his luck in glamour world. 

Better late than never, he explored his talent now in singing after working on few projects as an actor and production assistant. 

Rishi is contributing in various fields of cinema

Nowadays he is contributing in various fields of cinema like production, direction, acting and singing which is highly commendable. He told that since childhood he had a special interest in music and wanted to do something big in the field of art, so after completing his studies, he moved to Mumbai and managed to make a special identity for himself in this field.

Film industry is a creative field

Rishi said film industry is a creative field where one has to give vent to one's imagination and before making anything new he always keeps in mind to create something which can touch the heart of the audience. Rishi has been in the headlines for his music albums in the past also and this time too he is getting lots of appreciation at the national and international platforms for his song 'Hum Dum'. 

Song features international model Tetiana in lead role

The song features international model Tetiana in the lead role along with Rishi which can be seen on official YouTube channel RSMI Entertainment. Rishi also addressed that in the coming time he is working on many new national and international projects.

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